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recycled Nylon 6 yarn
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Reco Nylon

100% sustainable nylon 6 yarn

Pre-consumer Nylon 6 yarn Recycled
Sustainable Nylon 6 recycled yarns

A new life to nylon from reclaimed material

At all stages of our product life cycle we strive to use resources efficiently, we favor the use of sustainably-managed resources and target zero waste.

Thanks to our advanced technologies, NUREL recycles the discarded nylon material, which is divertied from the waste stream during our manufacturing process, and re-converts it into Reco Nylon yarn, thus closing nylon life cycle.

Reco Nylon is a reclycled nylon 6 yarn 100% made of pre-consumer waste.




  1. At a first stage we select and adequate the reclaimed material.
  2. Reclaimed material is remalted at our reclycling facilities in order to obtain a recycled PA6 polymer.
  3. Recovered polyamide polymer is extruded and made back into fibers.


The production process of Reco Nylon takes place entirely in our facilities, thereby saving the environment CO2 emissions produced during the manufacture and transport of raw material. The production of Reco Nylon generates only 53% of the CO2 emissions of a standard production of nylon 6.

Every 1.000 Kg of Reco Nylon  reduces atmospheric CO2 emissions by 1.424 Kg, equivalent to the emissions of: 

  • A light bulb during 401.500 hrs
  • A car driving 8.544 km
  • The CO2 absorbed by 160 Pines in a year



  • Reco Nylon fibers deliver similar quality and performance to standard yarns.
  • Reco Nylon is also available mass dyied black.
  • For more information about Reco Nylon product range please contact us.
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