Metallic nylon yarns
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A breakthrough on Nylon bright effects

LUMINE product range represents a breakthrough on Nylon bright effects. It is a total new concept of brightness. This innovative product range that incorporates millions of metallic glints into the Nylon yarn will change the perception of the brightness concept on nylon fibers.

LUMINE is a polyamide 6 yarn that contains mirror particles that reflects the light providing a spectacular and special shiny effect.

It has been specially designed to provide sparkling effects without compromising comfort. Garments made with LUMINE yarn are as soft as any other Nylon fabrics.

The three metals: Gold, Silver and Bronze

Three metallic shines are available: Gold, Silver and Bronze.

LUMINE yarns can be dyed, following the standard Nylon 6 routes and preserve the shiny sparkling effect after dying and heat setting.

A wide range of new challenging effects can be achieved by combining different metal options with light or dark dyes.

LUMINE contains mirror particles that provide an amazing metallic bright effect.


Available in polyamide 6 44/12 and 88/24 decitex.

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