Antimicrobials and anti odor Nylon Fibers
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Antimicrobials and anti odor functions Nylon

Antimicrobials and anti odor Nylon Fibers
Antimicrobials and anti odor Nylon Fibers

Extensive consumer research shows freshness to be a high priority benefit for apparel segments, among men and women worldwide. XTRA-FRESH Nylon fibers prevent bacterial growth, a major cause of body odor by using an Antimicrobial Masterbatch based on silver ions. Using the natural properties of silver, it is designed to provide permanent freshness and it is safe for humans and for the environment.

How does XTRA-FRESH work?

It prevents bacteria from colonizing the fabric without harming natural bacteria on the skin. Its activity is limited to the surface of the textile, keeping it free from bacteria and thus free from odors.

The additives are introduced during melt spinning process, which provides a strong resistance during all processes and allows a homogeneous incorporation of the silver additive into the polymer matrix and so, along the yarn.


Product Range

  • Available in Polyamide 6 and 66.
  • Cross sections: Special sections available to promote isolation and comfort.
  • From 22 up to 156 decitex.



XTRA-FRESH Nylon Fibers Sections

XTRA-FRESH Nylon Fibers Sections

Technical information

XTRA-FRESH yarns do not contain nanomaterials (2011/696/EU).

It provides fabrics with durable protection against microbes; however it does not protect the user of the textile against microbes.

Industry standard protocol: ISO 20743: “DIN EN ISO 20743:2007, Textiles – Determination of antibacterial activity of antibacterial finished products”, International. Organization for Standardization(2007) [Note: equivalent to JIS L 1902:2008].

Complies with REACH, Oekotex and European Biocide legislation (European Regulation 28/2012).

Knitters should follow the specific recommendations for scouring, bleaching, heat setting and finishing.


XTRA-FRESH Properties

xtra fresh nylon fiber properties 

XTRA-FRESH nylon fiber properties