Nylon Moisture Management Fibers
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Moisture management properties

Nylon Moisture Management Fibers
Nylon Moisture Management Fibers


XTRA-DRY is a Nylon yarn that helps to reduce wet feeling during sport activity maintaining the highest standards of comfort.

How does XTRA-DRY work?

Thanks to its special propeller cross-section, XTRA-DRY provides a quicker evaporation of moisture and sweat.

Its four channels encourage the polyamide fiber to absorb moisture and “pull” it away from the skin to the outer side of the fabric where it can easily evaporate.


Product Range

  • Available in Nylon 6 & 66
  • Flat and textured yarns
  • Available counts: 22/14, 44/14, 44/28, 44/34, 56/34, 78/28, 78/68


XTRA-DRY Section

XTRA-DRY Fiber Section

Technical information

Moisture absorption is increased 62%.*

  • Increase air circulation.
  • Permanent superior properties of moisture management, wicking and drying speed.*
  • Excellent colour fastness and fabric hand touch.

* Properties of moisture transport and comfort are permanent and inherent to the fiber.


Longitudinal propagation velocity

Xtra-Dry Fibers Longitudinal propagation velocity

*Test undertaken by independent lab comparing similar fabrics, one made of standard nylon and another made of XTRA-DRY.