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Cosmetotextile Nylon Yarn Hydration Effect
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Helps to hydrate and to provide an energizing skin sensation

Cosmetotextile Nylon Yarn Hydration Effect
Cosmetotextile Nylon Yarn Hydration Effect

NOVAREL MINERALS is a Nylon microfiber which incorporates a cosmetic containing pure concentrated mineral water to help your skin to increase moisturizing levels during the garment use.

Thanks to the exclusive microencapsulation technology developed by our R&D department, microencapsulated cosmetics are embedded into the fiber.

Deep moisturizing

Water highly concentrated in minerals is recommended for skin hydration, stimulation and soothing.

Pure concentrated mineral water

Thermal Spring Water from Thermes de Salies-de-Béarn in France, is 10 times more salty than ordinary sea water and is recognized as minero-medicinal by the French "Ministère de la Santé”.

This product contains a cosmetic that is registered following European Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009.

Scientifically proven efficiency
After 14 days of use:
12% skin hydration icrease
SKIN HYDRATION Sensation 70% users
SKIN ENGERIZING Sensation 65% users
SKIN SOFTNESS Sensation 75% users
Active ingredients incorporated into NOVAREL MINERALS microcapsules:
Novarel Minerals Ingredients: Thermal Water