How to obtain a fabric approval

> Download and send request
> Please send a fabric sample to NUREL

Fabric approval requirements

1. NUREL specialty yarns content on the fabric should be enough to provide the expected benefit. In case of fabrics made of Novarel fibers, the side of the fabric in contact to the skin requiring the cosmetic action, should contain a 70% minimum Novarel fiber content.

2. The minimum quantity required depends on factors as fabric construction and composition.

3. NUREL analyzes and approves only the provided fabrics and/or garments.

How to obtain a garment approval

> Download and send request
> Please send a garment sample to NUREL
> One garment sample per model is required
> NUREL reserves the right to request additional
   information from brands and knitters

Garment approval requirements

1. Narrows, waistbands and cotton crotch areas could be made of other materials.

2. The fabric minimum quantity required depends on the garment structure.